The History was launched at the cycle show back in 2007 to give cyclists an online platform where they could buy and sell second hand bicycles and second hand bike accessories. Unlike most other trading sites at the time OR was setup to cater solely for the needs of cyclists with not a cooker, couch or car insight!

​Since 2007 we’ve gone from strength to strength to become one of the UK’s leading online second hand bike trading sites. With free private ads and 10,000’s of monthly hits onceridden is the place to trade.
Second Hand Bicycles
Launch of Once Ridden


Although still a great platform we at onceridden towers decided it was time to give our beloved site a facelift. Re-launched in early autumn 2014 the new site is packed full of exciting and dynamic features which we believe make onceridden the best place to buy and sell all things bicycle. With free-ads still at the heart of we hope you enjoy the new site as much as we do!

We now provide a platform for second hand bicycles, accessories as well as brand new bikes from our trade advertisers. is also keen to support community based bicycles schemes and you will often see these refurbished bicycle operations advertise their wares on the site. Power to the people!

Meet the Team

Nick Taylor - Founder of Once Ridden

Nick Taylor

Founder of Nick is a self-confessed lycra lout. Slightly better than mediocre Nick has enjoyed below average success in the racing world with his only win to date being the Men's Fitness off road triathlon back in 2008. Although no longer competing Nick continues to ride for fun on a daily basis clocking up literally hundreds of miles of riding at home and abroad.
Simon Rutt - Amateur cyclist and entrepreneur

Simon Rutt

Amateur cyclist (he is trying to get better), technology evangelist and occasional entrepreneur. He loves all things bike and is passionate about protecting the independent and traditional bike shops from the march of the corporate giants. The Onceridden team all aim to do their part to help keep them going!
James Grant - Once Ridden

James Grant

Our resident developer dabbles in all things tech. He's a keen advocate of the KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid) and is hoping to finally ditch his stabilisers this year.
Gary Pratt - Once Ridden

Garry Pratt

Lover of all things mountain based, including bumping down them on his MTB, and a serial entrepreneur in retail and online businesses. Including, co-founding the biggest community site in UK education market and launching a 30 shop strong retail chain. For fun he uses applied network and complexity theory in archaeological research at Bristol University (we don’t know what that means either…)